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Nepal and its Magical Quality

Why do I feel such a strong connection to Nepal? What is it that has kept me here for now 11 years, having left behind my native land in far-off Denmark? These are questions that people often ask me. And the answer to this question is probably multiple, yet at the same time so simple; Home is where the heart is, and the heart is here. It is in fact as simple as that. Throughout the years, I have seen this same tendency to be so deeply moved by this place in others. Travelers and seekers leave behind their hearts after their trek or their retreat into the mountains, and take with them such deep and powerful imprints of a people and a country so incredibly warm and welcoming, igniting in them the wish to come back again and again. And one may wonder, in the face of such hardship and the amount of challenges that the Nepali people encounter again and again, be it due to the ever-changing, unstable political landscape; be it due to the incredibly challenging geographical location of the country in the midst of the Himalayas – resulting in recurring landslides and earthquakes – or be it in terms of the geo-political position of Nepal, sandwiched in between two major superpowers, India and China; ultimately one wonders, how is it possible to go on with daily life with such resilience and strength? I have traveled to many corners of this world, and in very few places have I seen this capacity to cope, for better or worse, with reality. With change. With suffering. With fear. With the lack of stability. And it humbles me every day, and it reminds me of all of the gifts and potentials that this life offers us. We just have to reach out and grab them!

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