Explore one of the world’s most mesmerising places, Tibet. Home to vast horizons, endless landscapes, high-altitude desserts, and the highest mountains on this earth. Isolated from the rest of the world, Tibetans have practiced Buddhism for over 1,200 years, with a societal structure who’s focus and value system is based on actualizing freedom of the mind – awakening. 

By joining our journeys to Tibet you get to experience taking the leap from tourist to pilgrim, as you immersive yourself amongst the people and communities of the land, who’s tradition has been brought down through generations, in an unbreakable lineage from the historical Buddha of India (2,500 years ago) up into the present day. 

Join us for a kora (circumambulation of a sacred object) around the otherworldly Jorkhang Temple in Lhasa, home to the most sacred Buddha statue in the world, while smelling the scent of butter-lamp offerings, juniper incense, and being with the many Tibetans paying homage in prostration at the temple’s entrance. This is truly an epic journey of a lifetime.   



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