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Our strength is in having lived many personal journeys to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India in search of a deeper more meaningful way of life. We have been one of the many seekers who travel to this region every year for similar reasons. All of our facilitator’s have lived this and are trained to serve as a gateway to the Himalayan wisdom tradition by bridging cultural barriers and providing increased accessibility.

Each facilitator has a daily meditation practice and a background in Buddhist studies, so they can guide the group from experience. Their guidance is founded upon supporting an atmosphere that nurtures a curiosity of the mind. The idea of pilgrimage here is of an introspective and non-religious inclination where our aim is to provide everyone of all faiths and cultures access to the rich wisdom tradition of the Himalayas.

With daily meditation sessions, discussions on Buddhist philosophy, hikes, and/or safaris we immerse ourselves into the sacred places that we visit on our way, all while being supported by each other as a group of fellow pilgrims and by the communities of monks, nuns, and laypeople whom we encounter. 





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