Becoming an Accomplished Tibetan Artist: Pasang Tells his Story

We are thrilled to feature an interview with one of our favourite artists in Nepal – meet Pasang. He is originally from Tibet, but fled with his grandfather as a 7-year-old when the country was taken over by the Chinese. Here is his story, his inspirations and passions and how he expresses this in his […]

From Lockdown & Quarantine to Holiday Blues: The Path of Meditation in a Time of Pandemic

Mount KailashGround Control to Major… In light of the heightened psychological stress that many of us are experiencing in the current pandemic, and now going into the winter holidays with condensed family time helping to ‘stir the pot’, the good news is that the Buddhist wisdom tradition has literally an unlimited amount of upāya (‘skillful means’ in […]

How Do We Justify World Travel In This Day and Age?

How can we justify world travel in this day and age? With our current pandemic it is very clear that now is not about outer movement and outer discovery. In contrary, these times are teaching many of us how we can learn to slow down and start appreciating and nourishing our own home base. It’s […]

Spiritual Travel – A Nepali Times Article

The Nepali Times interviews Himalayan Hermitage about their immersive meditation journeys in Nepal, Tibet, India, and Bhutan, and about how ‘spiritual travel’ can still be authentic for those from foreign cultures and in modern times.

How to Stay Healthy NATURALLY both Prior to and Whilst Travelling

It is easy to get lost in the many medicinal recommendations that are out there when getting ready for a big trip. Getting sick when traveling is probably one of the worst things imaginable and it is hard to take in or enjoy much when feeling completely drained or having to be near a toilet. […]

Journey to the Sacred Land of Tibet

Relaxing Into the Spaciousness of the Land When traveling across the Tibetan Plateau the line between tourist and pilgrim naturally fades. Here, we are not referring to being a pilgrim in a religious sense. We are speaking of something much larger. When standing in the middle of a vast, endless landscape where you feel so […]

Meditation and Pilgrimage

There is nothing religious about the practice of meditation or in visiting sacred places. In fact, there is nothing even Buddhist about it! The idea of pilgrimage here is that when one travels to explore sacred sites, one does so with a unique intention. This intention is different from the usual tourist’s reasons to travel. […]

Into the Land of Happiness

“I began to have a new appreciation of how being rooted in spiritual tradition might be a key to something akin to serenity, to life fully lived” Here is a great article from New York Times on making a journey into the Himalayas, namely to Nepal & Bhutan, how it is to immerse yourself with […]